Home to delicious, locally produced brunch and lunch options and the finest coffee in Guisborough.​

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to Hollyhocks Coffee and Cuisine.​

Fantastic food and drink from the heart of Guisborough town.​

Hollyhocks is located in the busy Cleveland Gate Retail Park, just near M&S Guisborough and a two minute drive from Guisborough town centre. Here, our experienced chefs serve the heartiest, healthiest, tastiest food in Guisborough, with unbeatable brunch and lunch dishes and the best warm drinks for miles around.


Almost everything on the Hollyhocks menus is made with locally sourced ingredients, and our goal is to bring the community together, connecting local food lovers with local food producers in a contemporary, cosy, high-end environment.

The Hollyhocks Menus​

Quality is on the menu at Hollyhocks, and we bring the finest in British and Italian classic dishes to locals and visitors to Guisborough town.


Locally sourced ingredients are used to craft the best beef bourguignon, cottage pie, and lamb cobbler this side of Yorkshire, and the tastiest pesto tortellini and Italian meatballs this side of Sicily, and we have everything you need for a memorable brunch or lunch in Guisborough town centre.


We also serve a sumptuous selection of herbal and English teas by the pot, not to mention a range of coffees, iced frappes, and milkshakes.

Proud of Guisborough Food

We’re proud of our Guisborough heritage, and we love nothing more than showing off the amazing food and drink producers our region has to offer. From Enfield Butchers Guisborough to Beacon Farm Ice Cream Whitby, and more, we have a passion for locally sourced ingredients and high quality Guisborough food.​

We’re located in Cleveland Gate Retail Park, the hub of Guisborough town centre and the ideal spot to rest your feet from a morning of shopping in Cleveland Gate Retail Park or M&S Guisborough.


All in all, Hollyhocks is the spot for you to soothe your soul with some hearty, fantastic brunch or lunch food.